Sunday, May 24, 2009

Web hosting firms thrive during recession

The web-hosting industry appears to be recession-proof. That's according to Network World, a provider of information to IT executives.

Web hosting firms are experiencing a rising demand for their services as more and more businesses elect to outsource their IT needs. For small- to medium-sized businesses, keeping up with the demands of IT infrastructure can be a challenge. Shifting the hosting responsibilities to a reputable web hosting firm can prove to be a savvy move for firms strapped for cash and IT personnel.

Network Word quotes Michael Foust, CEO of Digital Realty Trust, a San Francisco owner and operator of Internet data center facilities that has seen its revenues grow more than 30% in a year. Foust said:

The economic crunch we are all facing is forcing folks to be more creative and more open minded about how they deploy their businesses.

Faust acknowledged that many web-hosting companies, including his, are building new data centers to respond to the rising demand. He said:

There's a lot of expansion by all of the players, but it's a more rational approach based on real customer demand.

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