Friday, May 07, 2010

The benefits of watching reruns on high-speed Internet

This guest post is by Joyce Wellington.

Watching reruns on television was once associated with a kind of existential languor, as if all other opportunities for joy had been exhausted. But the advent of reruns on high-speed Internet has glorified this pursuit, and turned it into an activity that is not only fun, but in many ways, spiritually redeeming. How else to explain the delight of being able to watch the last season of Denis Leary’s ‘Rescue Me’ on your own time table, in the last few minutes before the exhaustion of the day overtakes you? Or better yet, as a mid-afternoon treat, after a particularly vexing bout with some tedious work-related affair?

Satellite Internet and television providers such as have made it possible to watch virtually any rerun of any show at any time, in any pocket of the world. You don’t have to linger around your television, hopeful that something you enjoy and savor will appear. On, you simply select the rerun you want to watch, and then enjoy it. The connection speed on Wild Blue, for instance, renders a clear, vibrant, and uninterrupted picture, accompanied by impressive, fully realized sound.

Of course, has an entire back catalog of movies and other short films that you can view at any time. With high-speed Internet television, you can catch up on all of those series you missed because you were too busy working. As viewing television online becomes an increasingly popular activity, the notion of watching a show a few years after its initial air date is completely socially acceptable. The commercial interruptions are minimal, and the social standing and clever references you gain as a result, invaluable.

Thanks to and other high-speed Internet television providers, you can once again stride around your office with the confidence of a fully informed pop culture consumer.