Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talking to your children about Haiti

When catastrophic events happen, such as the recent earthquake in Haiti, children often turn to their parents for explanations and reassurance. The Father Factor, which is published by the National Father Initiative, offers constructive tips on how to get the conversation started.

After having that chat with your children, do something else positive. Send a donation to the Red Cross to assist the relief effort. Contribute online to the Red Cross, or donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting "HAITI" to "90999."

If you have an American family living in Haiti and you're seeking information, contact the State Department at 888-407-4747.

Monday, January 04, 2010


More to improve and fewer to disapprove.

More doers and fewer talkers.

More to say it can be done
and fewer to say it's impossible.

More to inspire others
and fewer to throw cold water on them.

More to get into the thick of things
and fewer to sit on the sidelines.

More to point out what's right
and fewer to show what's wrong.

More to light a candle
and fewer to curse the darkness.

- Author Unknown