Friday, May 01, 2009

Keyless locks: Do they offer better security?

Fingerprint have been used as a means of identification for well over century. In more recent years, with advances technology have made it possible to automate fingerprint recognition. As a result, keyless locks are now available for business and home use.

Recently, I’ve been wondering if keyless locks would fit into my lifestyle. I’m thinking about the many times my kids have misplaced their keys. It’s annoying – and at times a bit scary – but I try not to fuss too much. Why? Because by the time I reached 20, my dad has four sets of locks to our home! Every time I lost my keys, my dad replaced the locks to the front door.

So there is a practical component for considering keyless locks. If we had a security system that recognized fingerprints, we wouldn’t have to worry about lost keys. Our home would be more secure, right? Maybe.

Not having to worry about keys anymore is an attractive idea. It would be cool for my family to use our unique fingerprints to get into our home. However, another thought persists in the back of my mind.

While the technological advance is wonderful, I think we have to assume that there are unscrupulous people out there who are thinking of ways to beat the system. Even with the best safeguards, I think it is possible for someone to unscrupulously obtain -- and illegally use -- my fingerprint. I’m no expert in this area, mind you, but it stands to reason that use of biometrics, while it offers many advantages, presents another possible method of identity theft.

We don’t live in a perfect world. But I do believe some methods of home security are worth considering. The corporate sector and law enforcement are finding success with this technology.

These days, traditional keys seem to be so “old school”. Even though I have a lot of questions about keyless locks, I’d be willing to consider them as a way to better protect my family.

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