Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strategic SEO and smart web design can boost your profits

I’ve been working in marketing and communications long enough to know that it’s difficult for any business to be successful without a strong online presence. A few days ago, when I stumbled on, I lingered for a while. I like the fact that a portfolio of the company's work -- other websites it has designed -- is on the front page.

This Portland-based company demonstrates versatility in the services it delivers. AuraDev has developed a reputation for doing several things well – Portland web design and development, Internet marketing, and web hosting. Its specialty: small businesses.

AuraDev's services go far beyond web design. The company demonstrates savvy in Internet marketing. It's an expert in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click management, brand identity, and logo identity.

Firms that want to maintain their competitive edge know that they have to get serious about SEO. Even the smallest organizations can gain a lot from having Aura Dev on their team.

If your operation is based in the Portland, Oregon area, check out AuraDev. This firm can strategically integrate technology and SEO -- customizing a package that meets your marketing goals while staying within budget. That's an offer that any smart executive can't refuse.

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