Thursday, May 28, 2009

Travel Alaska

My friend Jim is a son any parent would love to have. Each year, Jim treats his parents to a nice vacation. A couple of years ago, he chose Alaska as the destination.

Jim and his parents brought back amazing photographs and stories about their experiences. In fact, Jim is so big on Alaska travel, that he made a return trip the following year.

Travel Alaska. Those words stayed on my mind a couple of days ago when the temperature outside was in the upper 80s and the air conditioning had quit in my office. Hanging out in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" would have been perfect that day!

On any given day, Alaska's Denali National Park has much to offer – stunning mountain views, peaceful waters, and plenty of wildlife. It’s no wonder that Denali considered the “crown jewel” of America’s national park system. Tops on my must-see list would be a presentation on Alaska’s amazing Northern Lights.

When it comes to Denali tours, there are lots of options. For instance, you might decide to spend your time hiking, camping, or going on guided ATV and bus tours. If you have a fascination with Alaskan huskies – and who doesn’t? – you'll want to a personal tour of the Iditarod Race Dog Kennel. My kids would really love THAT experience.

Alaska boasts a rich history and colorful heritage. I just learned that the state has five distinct groups of Native Alaskan people. As a student of culture, I want to learn about each one.

When it comes to wildlife, there is much to see. Nearly 175 species of birds and 40 species of animals call Denali Park home. I can understand why my friend Jim decided that one trip to Alaska wasn’t enough.

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