Thursday, April 16, 2009

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NBC Sports has announced that John Madden, a fixture in NFL broadcast booths for 30 years, has decided to retire. Madden wasn’t just a fixture in our homes during football season. I heard him virtually every day when my sons played video games. Those were the days when my kids and their consoles were almost joined at the hip!

When it comes to purchasing video game consoles, consider several things before you buy. The Video Game Buying Guide at offers many valuable tips when it comes to checking out system speed, compatibility, and design. And to optimize fun for you and your kids, don’t forget to consider the controllers and graphics capability. You’ll want the best system for your particular needs. When you’re buying your games, check to see if it’s for Windows or Mac.

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On the site, you’ll also find a Handheld Gaming Guide. Don’t miss this opportunity to come up to speed on the latest technology. After all, a lot has changed since the late 1980s, when GameBoy was introduced. Discover the difference between Nintendo DS and Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) by reviewing the DS vs. PSP Buying Guide.

My kids are wild about anything connected to the Xbox 360. With a few mouse clicks, I can find everything I need to know about the latest games and accessories.

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Anonymous said...

Legend NFL-retire!!!
73-year-old John Madden is calling it quits.
NBC said- he has decided to retire.See more here:John Madden-retire