Monday, April 20, 2009

Learn which credit card is right for you

It’s easy to get a credit card when you’re in college. Both of my children discovered that. When they received their cards, they had the best intentions of only charging items when they could pay for them at the end of the month.

However, kids are kids. Both of them woke up one day to realize that they could only afford to pay the minimum balance. So it’s no surprise that they both experienced rude awakenings when they saw the finance charges and late pay penalties, and realized that they had to pay it. I am happy to say that they learned their lessons rather quickly.

Credit Cards Club is a great online resource for anyone who has, or wants to apply for, credit cards. The website offers ratings and reviews on virtually all the major credit cards. You can even find cards issued by specific banks.

If you have a good credit score, Credit Cards Club can identify cards with the lowest APR. In fact, major credit cards are listed in several categories. In addition to sorting by APR, cards are listed according to fees and rank.

Several informative articles are also on the site. If you need debt repair, advice is available. Do you have a low credit score, or are you seeking to rebuild your credit? Cards designed specifically for people with bad credit or no credit history are identified. I find the information on business credit cards and those that offer gas rewards especially helpful.

Learn about credit cards in an objective environment. Any visitor to the site will appreciate the tips and financial articles. All of the information is free. Visit Credit Cards Club, take your time clicking through the pages, and discover which cards are right for you.

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