Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock on with Ed Hardy fashions

If you’re a die-hard rock and roller, you’re probably familiar with the Ed Hardy line of fashion. If not, check out the line of clothing at Everything in the line bears the unmistakable imprint of Christian Audigier and legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy.

The entire line – clothing, shoes, accessories – is definitely unconventional. At the same time, the Audigier/Hardy collaboration has led to a vintage look of high quality.

Ed Hardy is hot. The line is sold all over the world. Celebrities love it. Vibrant color, charisma, and edginess drive this signature line. Rock rebels and lovers of the punk look snatch up this apparel fast and often. When it comes to women, Ed Hardy has the uncanny ability to make them look sexy and edgy at the same time.

For households where rock and roll rule, Mom and Dad will find that there’s plenty to choose from, and they can outfit the kids, too. There’s even infant wear.

Christian Audigier was drawn to rock and roll style of fashion but quickly realized that he didn’t have the voice to live out this dream. But he more than made up for it by channeling his passion into his designs.

Several new items just came in. Check them out at

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