Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mean girls: The follow-up

Educator recounts how she was tormented in high school

A few days ago (Nov. 26), we examined a disturbing trend - increased frequency of bullying, verbal abuse and outright violence among girls. The post conjured up memories for Jaimie, a teacher and publisher of Life Is Hilarious.

Many of Jaimie's high school memories are less than funny. She vividly recounts her experiences with mean girls. Jaimie tells how being pretty and smart made her the target of harassment by schoolmates. Read her powerful story, Stuck and Unfinished.

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Ruben said...

I went to a private Catholic school so needless to say we had our far share of assholes. I was bullied ffor the freshmen year until I tapped inot my inner vigilante. I remember getting suspended for three weeks after I fractured a kid's eye socket with a combination lock after he shoved me into a wal head first.

DCS said...


Malik said...

Handle ya' business big Rube. lol