Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Zula Patrol: A launch pad for learning

PBS science program for young children is funny and educational

A group of animated aliens travel the galaxies to learn new and exciting things about science and space exploration. This is the story behind the "The Zula Patrol," a science/astronomy TV show for children pre-kindergarten through second grade.

The program delivers both astronomy-based science education (orbits, eclipses, moon phases, asteroids, comets, gravity), as well as character-building lessons. It provides a dynamic, focused and fun learning experience for children, while encouraging them to think innovatively and approach problems evenhandedly. The official website for The Zula Patrol offers classroom resources for teachers and students - and home versions of these tools for parents. More from Yahoo News/AP.

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Brea said...

I am so out of touch with what kids are watching these days. I need to catch up!

DCS said...

Brea, I have some catching up to do myself. I have to admit that I am really looking forward to watching this show. Call it the kid in me. :-)

Jaimie said...

I love PBS! It offers the best programming for children. There is no other station like it.

It was all Stella watched her first 3 years. Now, she's very into Disney and Nick. She refuses to watch PBS.

Any ideas how to get her back into it? I think she associates it with Sesame Street, and "Sesame Street is for babies." (Stella's words-not mine).

DCS said...

Jaimie: Gasp! I love the kid shows on PBS. I started watching them when I was in college.

I'm assuming that you're tried watching TV with Stella and trying to find PBS programs that she does like. "The Zula Patrol" is new. Has she seen that one yet? I wonder if one of Stella's friends told her that PBS is for babies. Could there be peer pressure for kids her age?? Have you asked her why she thinks PBS is for babies?

These are the only ideas I have right now. Maybe someone else has some advice.

Tell Stella I'll come over to watch PBS with her. We'll sit on the floor, eat wholesome snacks and have a blast.

The last time I was on the floor with little kids, two of them wanted to "wrestle," so I wrestled with them. When it was over, between giggles, I had to ask their grandfather to help me up!

DCS said...

Jaimie, thanks to your comment, my daughter and I have had an enjoyable discussion about children's TV programs. Both of us still watch them.

My daughter suggests seeing if Stella would be interested in PBS' show, Arthur. Perhaps your daughter is ready for programs targeted for children who are a little older. Does you daughter seem to show any interest in Clifford?

My daughter also recommends Nick Jr., since your daughter likes Nick.

My daughter is a teenager, and she watches Disney every day. Sometimes I watch with her. :-)

Finally, I am going to make a confession here. The "Wiggles" scare me!

Jaimie said...

She likes the Arthur books, but does not like the show. She watches Nick Jr., but she loves the Disney teenage shows (Raven, Phil of the Future, etc). She finds them hilarious.

I watch t.v. with her, and they seem ok, considering her age.

And the same with Clifford-she has 4 Clifford books, but doesn't enjoy the show.

I'm not quite sure what that's about. Really, Stella is more of a book-worm than a tv watcher, so I'm not too worried.

Truly, I like Raven. She's so funny. A la Lucille Ball.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Jaimie: Your daughter loves books. Good for her! I'm with you. She's doing just fine.

Your daughter may be like adults. We read a novel, then see the story re-created on TV or in the moview. It's just not the same.

My daughter and I watch Raven. I agree with you. She is a great comedic actor. I think that if she ever moves into drama, she'll hold her own there, too. Raven is one of the few child actors who has successfully continued her career past her "adorable" years. Her natural ability for comedic timing were evident when she was on the Cosby Show.

Raven is a pro when it comes to physical comedy. It will serve her well throughout her career, even if she decides at some point to cross over into dramatic roles. Quite simply, Raven is very gifted.

As for your little one: I expect that she'll develop into a famous author - following her mommy's footsteps.

Ms. Vickie said...

At least they will watch tv so many are into nothing but video games.

DCS said...

Ms. Vickie: I hear you. Hopefully, parents are monitoring TV viewing and video games.

Have you paid any attention to the look of cartoon characters lately? Does anyone have any idea why the characters have to be so ugly?? But, then, ugly is relatively harmless, I guess, compared to cartoons like South Park! And to think I was annoyed when the Simpsons debuted years ago. I guess the "family hour" is history. (sigh)

Dadof2 said...

Found this show by accident this past weekend. What a great show!! Are PBS stations showing episodes more than once? I plan on setting up the TiVO to catch as many as I can.

DCS said...

Dadof2: Although I don't know for sure, my guess is YES. Typically, PBS schedules multiple airing of its shows. But to get an accurate answer, I encourage you to call or write your local PBS station. You might also find an answer on
Thanks for stopping by.