Thursday, June 04, 2009

Studio RTA Network 1330X Computer Cart

I'm a self-professed workaholic who spends hours each day at her PC. I want my workspace to be comfortable and efficient.

Studio RTA has created an innovative computer cart that offers versatility and convenience. It's a space-saving solution for a computer work station. I like this cart because it compartmentalizes an office, while simultaneously creating space.

This workstation is compact. Its spacious compartments and sturdy steel base allow the casual computer user and the avid computer enthusiast (or workaholic) to enjoy their office space, regardless of size. The slide-out keyboard shelf and the various storage compartments maximize space and optimize organization.

The product comes in either a teak or cherry finish. Both finishes are stylish, but the cherry fits my personal style and office decor. The work station is ergonomic, another plus.

The Studio RTA Network Computer Cart has redefined the term “computer cart” in every sense, with its innovative practicality. For years, Studio RTA has been a leader in office furniture design.

Designs with consumer comfort in mind -- that's the kind of thinking that keeps any firm ahead of the competition.

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