Tuesday, January 17, 2006

25,000 college students back in class in New Orleans

Youth, optimism and money return to the Big Easy

New Orleans is back in business as a college town, and not a moment too soon. Today marks the start of classes at Tulane, Xavier and Southern University. Loyola and Dillard started last week. Thousands of students have returned, as the city's universities open after a semester shut down for recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

None are fully up to speed, and it could be years - if ever - before all institutions are back to their former size. But the students bring with them energy, optimism and spending money, something the city no doubt welcomes. The Houston Chronicle has more about how the students are faring.

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Jaimie said...

My friend just sent her son back to Xavier and he is ecstatic. He was temporarily in LA for college, but he really wanted to go back.

letter shredder said...

that's really great! I may not be from New Orleans, but I surely know how great it is to be at school and get proper education.

Cheers for these students!

Brea said...

Wonderful news!

DCS said...

Jaimie, Letter Shredder and Brea: I, too, am happy that the students are back. Jaimie, I'm glad your friend at Xavier made it back to New Orleans. Best wishes to him.