Saturday, January 21, 2006

$100,000 for five innovators over 60

The Purpose Prize honors innovation and leadership

Today, many of the best ideas for social change come from a source often overlooked: people over the age of 60. Civic Venture is about to change that. The nonprofit organization announces The Purpose Prize - five $100,000 investments in Americans over the age of 60 whose creativity, talent and experience are transforming the way our nation addresses critical social issues, including education. The Purpose Prize is for those "with the passion, smarts, and experience to discover new opportunities, create new programs, or find inventive ways to make lasting social change."

The winners will be effective and action-oriented innovators who have launched this work after their 50th birthday. They may be working in nonprofits, government, or for-profit organizations devoted to tackling the hardest challenges of our time: homelessness, social justice and human rights, violence, poverty and hunger, health, education, and the environment, to name a few.

They will be making their impact in many different ways. The winners may be: social entrepreneurs who have started new organizations; change-makers whose innovative approaches to leadership have transformed existing organizations; or grassroots activists playing a leadership role in improving communities or advancing a cause. And they will hold the promise of even greater accomplishments in the future.

Sixty semi-finalists ("60 at 60") will also receive national recognition for their work. Deadline: February 28. To nominate someone or apply yourself, click here.

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Rose said...

Maybe I can tell my mom to check this out. She is quite the lady of inventions.

Rose said...
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Deb Sistrunk said...

Rose: By all means, tell your mom. Or better yet, nominate her yourself.

Len said...

This is wonderful and so deserving. I know a few elders I'd like to nominate. I really appreciate this info Deb.

Brea said...

Very cool!

Deb Sistrunk said...

Len and Brea: If you have someone to nominate, by all means do so.