Sunday, August 09, 2009

Enjoying the outdoors

I recently became engaged to a man who loves the outdoors. From the time he was a kid, DJ has been a water/boat kind of guy. One of my favorite photos of DJ shows him flashing a big smile as he relaxes in his canoe. All is right with the world when my guy is near the water.

Hiking is also in DJ's blood. He has an adventurous nature and is always up for exploring a new trail.

Right now, I'm on a mission -- easing DJ out of some of his frayed shirts and pants. He's overdue for some new sportswear. His hiking shoes are also starting to show signs of wear. An outdoorsman needs clothing that's comfortable and stands up to the elements. At the same time, I want my guy to look good.

A few days ago, I discovered the Columbia Sportswear website, and I was impressed with the extensive product line. I found shoes and clothing that are both functional and fashionable. DJ has a pale complexion, thanks to his Scandinavian roots, so I was thrilled to learn about Omni-Shade, the sun protective fabric recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

I'm not the outdoors fanatic that DJ is, but I still like to join him when he's off on some new adventure. There's nothing like getting outdoors to clear your head and enjoy nature's treasures.

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