Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Scrambling for scholarships

Paying for college: Resourcefulness the key

For college-bound high school seniors, scholarship-hunting is a serious endeavor. Only a fraction of students will get a full ride. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch examines the challenges facing kids and parents in its article, Piecemeal tuition.

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Elizabeth said...

It's sad how much college costs. It seems to me often they are just businesses rather than educational institutions.
I have a patient who had a troubling incident: After she amassed enough credits to be a senior at Hunter College here in New York City, she was kicked out of school for a low GPA. But the last two semesters she'd gotten Bs. (after we'd done a lot of work on her issues). What I don't understand is--why didn't they kick her out when she was getting Ds? It seemed that they wanted to keep the money flowing as long as possible, but they didn't want to graduate her with a C minus average.

letter shredder said...

Good thing a lot of people offer scholarships there. In my country, there are a few and the chance to get quality education for a subsidized (yet still painstaking) amount is to enter the state university.

Often, if one doesn't get the chance, then he or she has to work full-time first and then plan on from there.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Elizabeth: How sad. Hopefully, the student hasn't given up and has gotten a fresh start elsewhere.

Letter Shredder: We can only hope that more scholarships will become available in the Philippines.

Rose said...

We have applied for at least ten and not heard but from one. It was for a mere five hundred dollars. Wow! We hit the jackpot!

DCS said...

Rose: Let's hope that BIG scholarship is right around the corner! Good luck.