Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Solving global problems

Program encourages collaboration between schools of different countries

The National Association of Independent Schools invites participation in Challenge 20/20, a program that brings together two schools: one from the United States and one from another country. Teacher-student teams from both schools work together throughout the fall semester of 2006 to come up with a solution to a global problem. Eligibility: All U.S. schools, elementary and secondary, public and private. Deadline: April 15, 2006. More info: Challenge 20/20.

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Emmanuel said...

Cool. I guess the schools will communicate through the internet. Such initiatives can only lead to more understanding for one another.

Catherine said...

I agree with emmanuel very cool project. I am an avid trveler and always enjoy observing the similarities and differnces of America verse other countries. It would be great for the students to hear from students around the globe to understand that we are not so different. I would hope this project sparks in interest in students about other cultures.