Friday, March 17, 2006

American Idol credited with filling music classes

Pop! goes the curriculum

At a time when music education budgets are in trouble, "American Idol" makes some teachers cry for an encore. The smash Fox show is known for crowning newly minted pop stars as well as for the critiques offered by "Mr. Personality," the inimitable Simon Cowell .

"American Idol" has renewed enthusiasm for music education at the grass-roots level. Educators hope that the increased student interest will save music programs from the chopping block. Eric Spanberg writes for the Christian Science Monitor.

Via: Public Education Network

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Rose said...

That's great. Music is so essential for children and teens. It stimulates the left side of the brain. Or is it the right side of the brain? Anyway, it does teaches children and teens self control, patience, how to concentrate, etc. This improves the childs' grades and yes studies support this info.

letter shredder said...

hmm... one of my bosses is addicted to it. do u remember jsamine trias from hawaii? she's filipino and we're on the same street.

cheers for the music!

letter shredder said...

that's jasmine, sorry.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Rose: Music is, indeed, very important. Research proves that music education can enhance other skills, such as the ones you named. Here's a bit a trivia: The great jazz pianist Herbie Hancock completed a double major in music and electrical engineering from Grinnell College.

Letter Shredder: You and Jasmine are on the same street? The world seems to get smaller every day. I agree: Cheers for music!