Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Children, sex and American culture

Are children in the U.S. forced to grow up too quickly?

How influential are the media and popular culture when it comes to exposing American children to sex? This topic is certainly not a new one. However, one of the most articulate social commentaries on the issue is written by Malik, brain child of The Struggle Within.

Malik's essay, titled Can Children Have a Right to Be Children?, is posted as a guest op-ed piece on Adequate Defense. Make sure you check out the comment section, also, for lively interaction between Malik and Adequate Defense creator Dell Gines. Other readers also weigh in on the topic.

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Jaimie said...

In answer to your question: A BIG FAT "YES". One mother and I were marveling at the toys that come in McDonald's happy meals today. Bratz Dolls? Come on-they are basically miniture hookers. Have you seen them dcs? Check online to get an idea.

Malik said...

"Lively exchange". LOL, that's charitable. It's more like a bloody brawl. Somehow I always wind up being less than temperate over there.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Jaimie: Oh, my gosh! You know what? One night, when the TV was on and I wasn't really watching it, I saw these dolls. I thought some show was doing a parody. I didn't realize these dolls really existed - and certainly didn't realize they were included in Happy Meals! I did check online. They're everywhere!! Thank you for the heads up on this.

Malik: Hey, just remember you said that. I didn't. :-)
I just tried to stay out of the way!

Shirazi said...

I have taken this post to join in the bebate that points out to a very dangerous issue not only in US or the west but anywhere.

Malik said...

:) Yeah Jamie, I have to say some parts of the debate were less than edifying. Maybe everyone will be in a better mood after they get some good old mellowing turkey in their stomachs, and we can talk about this thing like adults over the weekend. It was me that said I wish adults would act like adults, wasn't it? Oh well.

DCS said...

Shirazi, thanks for pointing out Americans are not the only ones faced with this dilemma.

Malik, rest up for the next debate. :-)

Happy Turkey Day, folks!

letter shredder said...

it's only in the US that this occurs. in our country, people (especially women) are defined as liberated with sexual connotation. I mean, if you are more sexually active and you seem to be game for anything, then you are liberated. that doesn't make sense though.

it's like getting people out of the box and just placing them in another one.

if the adults think that way, and since they are the ones who are involved in the highly influential society we have here, what can you expect from the younger ones?

Young ones follow the young once...

@jamie: i've seen the bratz but i never though of that before. and i never really liked them.

letter shredder said...

erratum to previous comment:
it's NOT only in the US that this occurs.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Letter Shredder, you have a sentence in your comments that sums it up for me: "it's like getting people out of the box and just placing them in another one."

AsianSmiles said...

Hey Sis! Great topic, as usual.

My answer here is no. They are not being "forced" to grow up too early, but they are simply being deprived of a choice. Media is just one aspect of our children's life, and media CAN be overridden by proper education by parents, schools, churches, etc. Parents can introduce their children to other options and the presence of "negativities" in media is not the only one to blame for any kind of corruption. There are some good information out there, we only need to use it wisely.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Sis!

Deb Sistrunk said...

AsianSmiles, you are one of such great wisdom! I love your comments and your blog)! In my eyes, you are the queen of commentaries on culture. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I value my blogging friends and readers on this Thanksgiving Day and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!