Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Teachers need love, too

A personal perspective on "moving on"

Ambreen Ishrat is a talented writer in Karachi, Pakistan, and creator of the web log her writings. She has worked as a teacher and a content and creative writer for an information technology (IT) firm. Armed with a master's degree with English literature, Ambreen also has put her skills to good use in journalism and editing. During a recent visit to Ambreen's site, I came across a charming post titled "My First Ever Love Letter." Take a break from your fast-paced day and relax with her writings.

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Shirazi said...

This is one of the best tributes any young writer may have. If you allow me to speak on behalf of Ambreen, this is going to go a long way in her literary career.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Shirazi, it is my pleasure to feature Ambreen. I wish her a long and prosperous literary career. From what I see of her work, she has great versatility as a writer - a keen sense of conjuring up imagery and emotion. She is headed for great things.

Rose said...

That was a great article. Well written. Thanks for sharing.

she-writes said...

Goodness Gracious Me~ I am literally blushing...this is the best intro...(in fact the very first one) anyone has ever written for me and it's so beautiful....thank you Deb, Shi and Rose...i feel elatedand i feel humbled!