Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A healing "Hole in My Heart"

Urban teen debuts first book

A Hole in My Heart, a novel co-authored by 15-year old Edward Booker, is garnering great reviews for the East St. Louis youngster. Booker already is scheduling book signings while the publication captures national attention. He co-authors the book with Rose Jackson-Beavers, a career social worker. Jackson-Beavers is also the brain child of the blog Lessons Learned.

A Hole in My Heart offers an introspective look how an East St. Louis teenager comes face to face with poverty, betrayal and drugs - and how he overcomes his demons. Educators are using the book in the classroom. Book clubs have also expressed an interest. Details:

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Rose said...

Hey that's a great story and a great book. Thank you one hundred times.