Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nice new neighbors

Authored by Leandro Delgado

We had just moved onto a new street when or new neighbor suggested we go to to set up our satellite service. They actually came to our front door with some fresh-baked cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood when we started chatting. I was so grateful that at our new house we would have good neighbors.

I know that these days people pretty much keep to themselves and don’t care much about who lives next door as long as they aren’t being bothered. On our old street we had the worst neighbors ever. They would always leave trash in their yard and be really loud and inconsiderate. I think this experience traumatized me a little bit so I’m extra happy that I know we have people close by we can talk to and ask for advice.

It makes life so much more pleasant when people around you are nice. We had hoped this would happen when we decided to move but half thought that inconsiderate people have started to be the norm. We were pleasantly surprised by our helpful new neighbors!

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Kausar Bilal said...

A wonderful post! Despite all the cultural and societal differences, we in Pakistan have similar scenario with our neighborers. In the past they had been much kinder, closer and cooperative than the present times. It happened may be because of a very fast and busy life now as compared to past. But those days make me nostalgic.