Saturday, October 15, 2011

My own boss

Guest post by Aldo Mays

Being my own boss is something I always thought I might do but I had no idea how it would actually come to fruition. I never had a ton of extra cash, and it took me decades to figure out what I was good at. But look at me now – I own my own graphic T-shirt company, and I’m actually turning a profit!

I’ve had to learn as I go about stuff like bank card processing and human resources and tax laws – you don’t learn about any of that stuff when you don’t go to college (and I’m not so sure you learn it in college, either!) -- but I think I’m pulling my weight and starting to feel more confident about being a good businessperson. I like having total control over what I put out there.

I try really hard to be a good boss.  I know how important it is to keep morale high and people interested in working for you. That’s why I finally struck out on my own!

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