Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ADT Home Security: For many, it's a necessity, not an option

There's something unsettling about having crime lab guys in your house, dusting for fingerprints. I had that experience a few years ago when someone broke into my home. They stole a brand-new appliance, my computer, and a few other items. While I am grateful that police showed up promptly after I called them, it was hard to settle down after they left. My sense of security was gone.

My next door neighbor never had this problem. For years, she had had a home alarm system. Both of us were single mothers. I mistakenly thought that alarm systems were for other people. It was only afterward that I realized that I had been living with a false sense of security.

Several of my close friends and relatives installed home alarms, and they have never regretted it. My brother-in-law Hal is a perfect example. He recently went to the neighborhood convenience store a few blocks away, only to return home to hear his ADT Home Security alarm sounding. Fortunately, nothing was taken. The would-be robbers sprinted away.

Hal is retired, and he travels a lot. He's smart enough to know that even though he lives in a quiet suburb, he still needs protection. For him, a home alarm system is a necessity, not an option.

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