Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking at plagiarism

The growing problem of cheating

Shirazi, publisher of Light Within, writes the following in an article on plagiarism by students:

It is a chronic problem that has been greatly facilitated by the resources-rich Internet.

This dangerous trend is not new, but advent of the Internet has facilitated the speed and methods used.

Shirazi examines the connection between technology and the growing problem of plagiarism in a timely piece.

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Shirazi said...

Thanks for the mention here. This trend indeed is getting worst with every passing day.

DCS said...

Shi: You are right, I am sad to say.

letter shredder said...

This is one reason why i disabled right clicking in my blog...

Anonymous said...

I'm currently attending a graduate program and the topic of plagiarism is a hot topic. I'm also the parent of a middle school student and I feel that students should be educated from middle school about plagiarism, they do enjoy cutting and pasting.Thanks for the info.


Deb Sistrunk said...

Letter Shredder: Wow, I never thought of that! Good idea.

Maryann: Glad to help. By the way, I agree with you. I also think lessons on plagiarism should start at the middle school level.